Monday, September 28, 2009

Discern Next Steps - Alpha

Well we've now finished the "Just Walk Across the Room" series, although I hope that the principles we've been learning will become part of our ethos as a community. To always talk the initiative in every setting to reach out to people outside of our circle of comfort and to always be seeing the people around us as God sees them.

One of the things we talked about was asking the Holy Spirit to prompt us with next steps for the people around us. One of those next steps could well be to do an Alpha course, and it so happens that we've got a couple of Alpha courses starting up this week! The first is in Costa Coffee on Wednesday night at 7pm. The second is in K2 starting on Thursday morning at 10am, and includes a creche - more details on both courses here. Perhaps Alpha would be a great next step for you. A chance to ask questions, meet new people and grow in your relationship with God. Or perhaps you have a friend who would be just great to invite along. If so then pluck up the courage and ask them - why not even make it easier for them by coming along too!

Keep walking across those rooms!


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