Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday Night Prayer

On Friday night we're going to finish the week of prayer and fasting by meeting from 7pm until midnight in The Kerith Centre. We're going to focus our praying around our five purposes as a church.

Worship - we'll spend the first part of the evening worshipping God and praising Him
Community - we're going to pray for God to grow us in genuine community and our love and care for one another.
Discipleship - we'll pray that as a community we're individually and collectively growing in our walk with God, getting to know him better and increasing in our passion for him.
Social Action - we'll be asking God to be in all our practical demonstrations of the love of God, both locally with Konnections, CAP, the foodbank etc but also internationally with Serenje and other places.
Evangelism - praying for thousands of people to be saved and added to the church.

It would be great to see you there so please make as much of the evening as you can.


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