Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Stewards

On Monday I got our latest gas and electricity bill. Normally I just check the meter readings to make sure they're about right and then file it away (OK to be honest I don't normally even do that, but I'd like you to imagine I'm more organised than I really am!). But this time for some reason I thought I'd just quickly go online to one of those price comparison websites to see if we were still getting a good deal (I actually used the one advertised by a Meerkat, as the adverts make me laugh - how scientific is that - but I'm sure they're all pretty good). I was really shocked to find that we can save about £400 a year just by switching to a different supplier. That's a lot of coffee! And with the supplier they suggested we get Tesco clubcard points, which makes Catrina very happy too.

God calls us to be good stewards of our money, and that means making sure we spend it wisely. So why not next time your car insurance, fuel bill, phone bill, whatever comes in just do a quick sanity check that you're still getting value for money.

And no we won't really be spending the money we save on coffee, not all of it anyway :-)



Val C said...

I did this recently as well Simon when I had to take control of all the household bills. We obviously move to the same supplier as the Tesco points were an added attraction!
I found that I also saved a lot on house and car insurance by switching. Why pay more?
Thanks for all you practical advice.

Anonymous said...

It'll go a small way to help with the train fares!!!

natanddan1 said...

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