Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween - Trick or Treat

Those of you with good memories may remember that about this time last year I said one of the topics I'd like to preach on this year was how we handle Halloween, in particular for parents with children who are getting caught up in the whole event. Well unfortunately doing it on a Sunday didn't really fit in with the Remember preaching series we're doing starting at the beginning of October, so instead we're going to do an evening in K2 on Wednesday 21st October at 8pm.

On the evening we'll look at a bit of the history of Halloween, what the Bible has to say about it and then some practical advice not only on how to safeguard our kids but also on how we can turn it into an opportunity to spread a positive message.

It would be really helpful in advance to know some of the questions people have and the issues they face so that we can make it as relevant as possible, so if you can either send questions to me or post them here on the blog that would be great. There will also be Q&A on the evening, but knowing in advance would just help me to prepare better.

Should be an interesting evening, and although it will be aimed primarily at parents everyone is welcome to come.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Thank you for taking the time to address this subject, I'm putting the word about with others. Below are 3 questions that I would like answers to, if possible:

1) When people say it's harmless fun, even christians sometimes, is it?

2) When others ask why we don't celebrate Halloween what would be the quick succinct way to answer that without appearing to be condescending?

3) What is the best way of explaining to my children about Halloween and our reasons for not celebrating it? I am torn between doing what I feel is right and causing them to resent us (and possibly God/Church) for spoiling their fun whilst growing up.

Thanks. Suzanne Whitton