Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Walk Across the Room

I wonder how you're getting on with what we talked about on Sunday? Reaching out to people far from God by stepping out of our circle of comfort and the following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I was chatting to someone yesterday who was telling me on the way home from the meeting because of what they'd heard they got into conversation with a lady walking her dog who they'd often seen but never spoken to - very cool.

One of the most releasing things for me as I've been preparing for this series is the realisation that when I step out and am obedient to God's promptings, then the results are his responsibility. I used to live with this deep sense that unless the person I was talking to was on their knees repenting by the end of the conversation I'd failed (which meant I lived with an awful lot of failure)! The more I've looked at the life of Jesus I've realised that he was never focussed on the outcome, but on just doing what his Father wanted him to do. If someone like Nicodemus could have a private consulatation with Jesus (see John 3), yet take three years from that consultation to publicly identifying himself with Christ (John 19:39, with some glimmers of progress in John 7:50), then why should I be hung up on the outcome of my conversations.

If you have a story of stepping out this week we'd love to hear it, and might even use it on Sunday. We've set up an email address - - for stories of anything God is doing in your life - please email them in. We've also ordered in a whole load more copies of the "Just Walk Across the Room" book as we ran out on Sunday after the 9am meeting! They should be in next Sunday thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers now stocking the bookshop.

Hope to see you next Sunday for more practical advice on taking those walks across the room.


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