Friday, September 11, 2009

More of God's Presence

Next week I'm encouraging us as a community to come together to pray and fast. You might well ask for what purpose. Well for me more than anything else I want to ask for God's presence to be with us in everything we do. In our own personal lives. In our schools. In our workplaces. In our homes. In our small groups. In our children and our young people. In our Sunday gatherings. In our community outreach. In the overseas situations we're involved in. In everything we do.

That we would know God's presence which brings hope, which brings comfort, which brings healing, which brings holiness, which brings inspiration, which brings creativity, which brings tears and which brings laughter.

We're going to meet together on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8pm until 9:30, and on Friday night from 7pm until midnight. On Friday night we'll aim to pray through our five purposes as a church, which are to reach up in worship, reach in through community and discipleship and reach out through evangelism and acts of service - although that's only my idea and God may want to do something very different.

So please think about fasting for the four days, and for making as many of the sessions as you can. You might also want to think about praying in some smaller groups during the week such, as with family or your lifegroup. Just so you know the elders and I will be meeting to pray all day on the Wednesday, particularly asking God for wisdom about how to structure pastoral care in the church.

I'll be off to the kebab van at the Running Horse to break the fast early Saturday morning if anyone wants to join me there :-)


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