Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting Again

Well after a wonderful holiday, reconnecting with Catrina and the children, managing to finish all the books I took and generally having a great time, it genuinely feels good to be back in the swing of things.

I'm really looking forward to this term. The new year team started this week, and as I speak Lee is at Heathrow Airport picking up Dawid from Poland who will be our first overseas year team member. The Foodbank will be launched in September. We've got two great series coming up in the Autumn - "Just Walk Across the Room" which is an inspirational encouragement on personal evangelism and "Remember" which we'll be starting in November. The Willow Leadership Summit in October. And all of it with the aim of seeing God touch our lives and the lives of people we don't yet know. Can't wait.

Hope to catch you Sunday,



Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Glad you've had a good summer and a relaxing break away with the family....

Whilst pondering on your sermon series for this term, I was wondering if you would be doing any kind of advice/teach on Halloween at any point? A few people have mentioned to me that this would be useful. I know as a parent, I find it very hard when it gets to that time of year with school discos and parties - all of which seem to be getting more and more popular......could do with some wise advice!

Just a thought.....

Suzanne (Whitton)

Simon Benham said...

Hi Suzanne,

I was hoping to do a Sunday this year about a peachy approach to Halloween, but sadly with the remember series it didn't fit in. However, I'm wondering about doing a Tuesday or Wednesday evening in K2 in the middle of October for any parents who would be interested. I'd look at what the Bible has to say about Halloween and how we can not only safeguard our kids but make some positive mileage out of Halloween. Good idea?


Anonymous said...

Great idea and also something we could possibly advertise at Sparklers as well as to parents in Kids2. May need to be scheduled in quickly though as people's diaries get very booked up! If you can't manage to organise something maybe a post on your blog along those lines would suffice....anything would be helpful to me! Thanks Simon. Suzanne