Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ben & Ben in Poland

Ben Davies and Ben Oliver are in Poland this weekend visiting the two churches we work with there. I've copied below an email I got from Ben Oliver on Friday about how things are going. Let's be praying for them, and for Ken and Ann Bothamley who are in Turkey - more info on what Ken and Ann are up to on their blog.



Today we've met with the leaders in Swidnica and made plans for the rest of our visit.

We both spoke at a soup kitchen run for the homeless in the church buildings. It's run by another Ania (the one playing the guitar) and it's fantastic. Many of the people who come are alcoholics or drug addicts. Every week they come to the church and receive soup, some truth about Jesus and a lot of love. They've just started their first Life Group for these folks, which is going really well, bridging the gap between the soup kitchen and the rest of the church by building community and breaking down the social barriers. Some of them are coming on Sundays now, too.

The photo shows us attempting to sing "There's no-one, there's no-one like Jesus" in Polish. We have 3 choices in this kind of situation: 1) Sing in English as much as we remember the words (a bit sporadic); 2) attempt to read Polish (no chance); 3) Hum along to the music (not really entering into the occasion with enough gusto). We found a combination of all 3 whilst smiling joyfully seemed to work well!

Tonight and tomorrow Ben Davies will be training the leaders from Swidnica where we're staying and we'll also be joined by leaders from another church. You should see the enthusiasm with which Ben is welcomed here. They love him and he does them so much good. This other church I mentioned is led by Dawid's parents - Dawid is spending the year with us in Bracknell, helping John Turner with our facilities, and has come home with us for the long weekend. John made me promise to bring him back, as there's still plenty for him to do on his return. John, I will try my hardest, but you should have seen Dawid's shaking with anticipation as we arrived at the thought of a home cooked Polish meal!

Finally Ben D will be preaching in the Swidnica church on Sunday morning, before we are whisked off to the airport to begin our journey home. It's wonderful to see the growing relationships between our church and these in Poland, and the impact that our experience, our time and our financial support is having. They are hungry to learn, and there is much more to come. Bring it on!

Love to you all,

Ben Davies & Ben Oliver

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irene m said...

How fab...a blog entry on Ben Ds travels.....hearing what the guys are up to (inc.Ann and Ken ) is a great way for us to be praying and seeing how we as a church are touching other nations....