Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Foodbank at Christmas

Those of you following the progress of the Foodbank will know how well it has been going, both in terms of the amount of food collected in and given out. It so encourages me every time I walk into reception and see some more bags of food which have been dropped off by some generous hearted individual.

I don't want in any way to stop that, but have had a request from the foodbank team for some particular items over the next few weeks. I'll quote directly from the team: "We would like to ask for donations of Christmassy items that can be added to the food-boxes as they go out during the Advent season. Such items would be mince-pies, Christmas puddings, chocolates, sweets, tinned hams, selection boxes, fruit juices and Christmas crackers etc. We are attempting to stay away from perishable items as you can see and we'd like to have everything within its date-stamp period please".

So please, next time you're out shopping, add one or more of these items to your shopping then drop them off at The Kerith Centre next time you're there. I heard this week of one local primary school where the teachers and teaching assistants instead of giving one another cards and gifts are going to bring in stuff for the foodbank - inspirational! Perhaps an idea for lifegroups and serving groups.


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