Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foodbank Update

Lots of people have been asking me how the foodbank, which we launched just over a month ago, is going. I gave a brief update on Sunday, but I thought it would be useful to repeat it again here for anyone who missed it.

I think it's fair to say that on pretty much every front the foodbank has exceeded our expectations. We initially allocated a cupboard in the the back corridor of The Kerith Centre to store the food in. Well the first primary school to donate their Harvest Festival collection to us managed to fill that cupboard! In total we've now had over 4 tonnes of food donated by local schools, people in our church community and others who have heard about what we're doing and just want to get involved. We've now got two storage rooms in Wokingham, but are hoping soon to get a bigger storage facility in Bracknell.

In terms of what has gone out we've had over 40 individuals or families who have been given food, with a total of over 600Kg of food given away. And there's been a growing take up of organisations in Bracknell keen to partner with us and make use of the foodbank on behalf of the people they work with. It looks like in our first year of operation we'll give away somewhere between 6 and 8 tonnes of food, although I suspect that will go up. If you want to check out the latest news then take a look at the foodbank news section on the website.

But for me it's not about the numbers but about the individual stories. To know that tonight there are children and adults in our community who would have gone to bed hungry, but instead have had a decent meal - very exciting!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's helped us get this far. Whether you've given food, worked as a volunteer, prayed for the foodbank or given your money to our general offering on a Sunday you are a part of what God is doing.

Finally to say a word about Pat Hallett, our foodbank manager, who is doing a magnificent job in heading up all of this. Please be praying for Pat, and her husband Geoff, and next time you see them just let them know what a fantastic job they are doing.


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irene m said...

it is a really "easy" way for us as a community to be involved..just do the normal shopping each week and get the "buy one get one free" and take it along to food bank!!

It is so exciting to see how God is at work yet again as we step out with a new ministry.