Monday, November 23, 2009

Kerith Relief

This Sunday we start our Christmas programme with Kerith Relief. Each of these is an evening of music, dance, multimedia, three local primary schools singing and Catrina and I talking about Serenje and the true meaning of Christmas.

They're great events to bring guests to, but even if you don't have a guest please plan to come anyway. The building will be packed with people who don't normally come to any of our meetings, and it will be a great opportunity to 'Walk Across the Room', step out of your circle of comfort and chat to somebody new. Or sign up as a volunteer and meet people as you welcome them in the car park, at the door, in the auditorium or as they get teas and coffees at the end. Just send an email to - she'd love to hear from you!

Please note these events start at 6.30 rather than our normal evening start time of 7, and that if you haven't got a car park pass you'll need to park at Avis.


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Andrew Milnthorpe said...

Where can I find the video clips/pictures abuilt the building that Ben used over the last two Sundays?