Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Andy Jackson, No Comment

Last Saturday Andy Jackson (our wondrous Christians Against Poverty Centre Manager) made the jump from being quoted in local newspapers and local radio on the impact of the credit crunch to a spot in the Financial Times. Whooooo I hear you all say!! Next up the Wall Street Journal!

But seriously, it is a great validation of the work that CAP are doing nationally, and that Andy and his team are doing locally, that we are being asked to comment by papers like the FT. We've talked for years about the church being the head and not the tail, well this would be a great example of that becoming reality.

I just feel so grateful to everyone in our community who has supported CAP either as a support worker, in prayer or through your regular Sunday giving as you are all part of this story.



irene m said...

Also a good piece in local free paper....and about the food bank too......all fulfilling a prophetic word the church carries about "the media coming to us "

Anonymous said...