Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prayer and Baptism

Two reminders.

First of all that we've got prayer meetings on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I could tell you about all the things we're going to be thanking God for, praying for and some of the vision we'll be sharing, but instead I just want to encourage you to come and enjoy spending time in God's presence!

Secondly that this Sunday we're going to be baptising people in all three meetings. If you've decided to follow Jesus, but haven't yet been baptised in water, then please can I encourage you to get baptised. Or perhaps there's someone in your lifegroup or serving group who hasn't yet been baptised, and they just need a bit of encouragement to help them take that next step. Either way please phone Lee Layton-Matthews in the office as he's coordinating the baptisms.

Hope to see you on Wednesday or Thursday.


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