Monday, November 9, 2009

Remembrance Sunday

I'd encourage anyone who missed our Remembrance Day meetings this Sunday to listen to the podcast. We record the 11am meeting, which means that you'll get to hear Clive Challis reading some of his Grandfathers diaries describing life in the trenches in the First World War, and Krystyna Lysakowska recounting childhood memories of her and her family fleeing Warsaw in 1944 as the Nazi soldiers attempted to deport them to the concentration camps. But you'll miss Dave Barker who spoke in the evening on his experience of seeing his friends killed in action, and the importance of the work of The British Legion. All three were outstanding, and hopefully we'll find a future occasion where we can hear more of all three stories.

Thanks to John Mitchell who took the photos of Clive, Krystyna and Dave. And to Geoff Hawke, another of our unsung heroes, who week after week edits and uploads the podcasts - both of you are so appreciated!


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irene m said...

This was one of the most amazing Rememberance Sundays in my time at church....I have always loved showing the respect and this time we had moving and emotional audio/visual and the playing of The Last Post as well as the testimonies..Excellent morning !