Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remembrance Sunday

I turned on the radio this morning to hear that another five British soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan. My thoughts went straight to those five groups of families and friends, who on hearing the news will have had their worlds turned upside down. For whom everything that seemed important will suddenly seem irrelevant and pointless in the face of coming to terms with their loss. For parents, wives and children who will forever be defined by this moment of pure evil.

This Sunday as part of our "Remember" series we'll be remembering all those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, from the First World War to the current day. We will also be having two minutes silence in all three meetings, and thinking about what we as individuals can do to make sure freedoms won at such as cost are never lost, or just allowed to slip away. I was reminded of that so powerfully when I visited Auschwitz this year, and saw first hand what happens when evil goes unchecked.

Please can I also encourage everyone to buy a poppy and give to the work of The Royal British Legion. We've got poppies on sale in The Kerith Centre Reception this year if you haven't got one already.

I hope you can make it on Sunday.


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Anonymous said...

Amazing...I been home from Bracknell's Remembrance Sunday Parade, I was so please to see so many people supporting it. The catholic Church and of course Holy Trinity who hosted today. However a gentlemen pointed out a vaild point to me today. Where was the Kerith?? In one person's views "hiding behind glass window" and as member of the Kerith I quite agree. We do a lot of good work we the food bank and CAP, but when it comes to remembrance sunday. Nothing visuable on the outside. Maybe next year you could consider stopping our 11 o clock service and attend the parade.