Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Serenje Gift Days

On the 15th and 22nd November we're going to be having gift days for year two of the HIV/AIDS project we're supporting in Serenje in Zambia. You can get more details on the whole of the project from our Serenje blog, from our website or by picking up one of the new Serenje leaflets from reception.

I want to encourage everyone to think and pray about what they are going to give. I met with the elders yesterday, and between us we have pledged to give just over £11,000 including Gift Aid, some of that as one off gifts and some as standing orders over the next year. I really believe that if we all give what we can then we can reach the target of £100,000. So please give what you can, whether that's £1, £100 or £10,000.

What we are doing is changing lives. At the end of year one 190 children were back in education. By the end of year two the plan is for that number to rise to 800. That alone is transformational, without taking into account the seeds and goats being given to families in need and the volunteers being trained to help those with HIV.


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