Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've decided to give Twitter a go. I often have moments where I have an idea of something I want to blog on, but don't quite get round to it, and then the moment passes. With twitter postings being limited to 140 characters I think I'll be more likely to do one of these micro-blogs, rather than just leaving behind a trail of good intentions!

You can follow my tweets either by looking at the right hand column of my blog, where you can see my last five tweets, or by going to my page on twitter and becoming a follower (but remember in 'real life' to follow Jesus, not me!)

The general feedback I get is that people find the whole blog think interesting and useful, so hopefully this will add to the experience.

Hope you're having a great week,



irene m said...

With blogging...Facebooking ...Tweeting and Twittering ...I may never actually leave my house!!!

Tim Felgate said...

To make your blog and Twitter work together you could try TwitterFeed [http://twitterfeed.com/]. Every time you publish a new blog post it will automatically make an alert on Twitter for you.