Monday, December 7, 2009

Cricket Pitch

Today we signed the contract to rent the strip of land down the side of K2 for the next three years. The plan is to clear the area, fence it in and then put a playground and seating in there. Although it's only a small piece of land this is really going to enhance what we can do with the children on Sundays, youth on Fridays and when we're running special needs respite care (I'm sure we'll also find lots of other uses for it). There are also separate plans to turn the currently unused land at the back of K2 into a vegetable garden for the children to use.

This is all being paid for from the gift day we had in early 2009. So thank you to everyone who gave so generously then, and to Jeff Whitton, Ralph Allen and Penny Lander who have been working hard to make this project happen. It should all be completed some time in early 2010.


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