Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bracknell Samaritans

I went yesterday to the opening of the refurbished offices of the Bracknell Samaritans. It was inspiring to chat to some of the people involved, and to hear some of the great work they do in our community.

I'm understanding more and more how God wants us to work in partnership with other local organisations. That we do what we can do, whether that's CAP, foodbank, sparklers, special needs or crisis intervention and look to work with others who do the things we don't.

Being at the Samaritans also reminded me of the power of just listening. I can be so quick to try and reassure people, offer them advice or try and solve their problems, rather than giving them the gift of just listening to what they have to say. It's often the most powerful thing we can do when faced with someone grieving or in difficulty. Why not give it a go.

Hope to catch you this weekend.


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