Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deep and Crisp and Even

So the promised snow has come. All forms of school and college have been cancelled, leading to very excited children in the Benham household trying to decide where the best sledging hills are in Bracknell, and the view out of our living room window is quite magical. I'm just a bit worried that Reading v Newcastle on Saturday may be called off - Zak and I have tickets for the away end!

On a practical note some staff have made it to The Kerith Centre today, but not the receptionists so the front doors will be closed all day - ring the buzzer at the side door if you need to get in. Today's Midweek Meeting and Thursday's TMTL with Michael Ross-Watson have also been cancelled (we'll try to get Michael back later in the year).

The forecast seems to be for heavy snow today, then for it to be clear but cold on Thursday and then more snow on Friday and Saturday. The major events coming up are the Friday night youth and Sunday's meetings - we'll update this blog and the church website and leave messages on the church answer phone (01344 862699) if there are going to be any changes to any of these - no updates means they're going ahead as normal. I'm reminded of the 20-20 rule which Willow Creek in Chicago have - unless there are either more than 20 inches of snow or the temperature is below -20C then church happens - there's a challenge!

I'm aware that although for lots of us the snow is great fun, for others it can  make life very difficult. Please be looking out for the elderly and disabled, both those in your neighbourhood and those in our church community - why not pop round to see them or give them a ring and check they're OK for food, warm clothes and heating.

It's still snowing!!


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