Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowy Reflections

I was reflecting yesterday on the church this Sunday, affected as it was by the snow. Here are a few of my thoughts.

First I was really impressed with how many people made it through the snow. Numbers weren't far off a 'normal' Sunday. We talk about being consumers or being consumed, and what I saw on Sunday was people consumed with their desire to come and worship Jesus and meet with his people.

Secondly there were loads of visitors on Sunday. Not only people from other churches in the town which weren't meeting but also an above average number of people new to the area or trying out church for the first time. Some of them had been to Christmas events and were returning, others had seen the banner on the side of the building and decided to give it a go, others had heard of the church from friends. It's God who produces the harvest and we must never dictate or decide for God what is going to happen on any given occasion.

Thirdly you often learn lessons in adversity because you are forced to adapt and do things differently. Lots of people commented on how much they enjoyed the morning's 'unplugged' worship with just guitar and keys. Seving drinks before the 9am meeting was a real hit. We must learn from those things and see how we incorporate them into our regular Sundays.

Finally I just love being part of a people with such a 'can do' attitude. From the teams clearing the pavements and car park to people stepping in to do kids work and serve drinks early to all of you who actually made it through the snow. God loves that spirit - it's the attitude that will take us to being a church of 2,000 and beyond and which will see many, many changed lives in our midst.

I'd love to hear any reflections you may have on all that went on.

Hope you have a great week. Jesus is with you more than you will ever know.


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Anonymous said...

I know it wasn't the teaching series that was planned to happen, but I felt that the 'Being Valiant in 2010' was the message you were supposed to bring. It was outstanding and really challenging. Thank you