Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday's Snow Adventure

We're going ahead with all three meetings on Sunday. I don't want anyone to take any risks, but do want to encourage people to enter into the challenge of getting there if you can. We'll be serving drinks from 8.30am on Sunday morning, so if you're coming to the 9 plan to get there early and enjoy a hot drink before the meeting.

The facilities team have been doing a great job of clearing all the paths around The Kerith Centre, the paths down to the subway are clear (although you may need your wellies to get through the water at the bottom!) and Avis have been clearing their car park, so things shouldn't be too bad.

Obviously if there is a load of snow on Saturday night lots of people won't be able to make it. Whatever happens I'll be there (I live close enough to walk) and we'll adapt what we do in both the kids and adult meetings to work for the number of people we have, even if that just means me having one of my retreat days earlier than planned! So please come if you can, be flexible about quite what goes on in the meetings and be willing to step in if you see something that needs doing.

Finally to say I've heard some great accounts of people being cared for through our community. I was at The Kerith Centre today seeing people trudging through the snow to get food from the Foodbank, and have heard several accounts of people taking food and heaters to some of our more elderly members. Please carry on looking out for anyone you know of who may be struggling, and if you're struggling then don't suffer in silence but let somebody know and if all else fails phone the office.

Hope to see you Sunday,


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