Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Foodbank Update

I thought you might be interested to see this update from Pat & Geoff Hallett on how the Foodbank has been going.

Up until recently we've been renting a storage facility in Wokingham for the food we can't store in The Kerith Centre. The store in Hanworth referred to by Pat & Geoff is a storage facility which Bracknell Forest Homes have made available to us for free - fantastic isn't it!

The Foodbank is entirely staffed by volunteers. If you have any time available I know Pat would love to hear from you, whether it's sorting and storing food, meeting clients, praying or just telling the current team what a fantastic job they're doing!


Dear friends and colleagues

This is a brief update to let you know how the Foodbank has been growing over the past 4+ months since our launch date of September 23rd last.

During that time 3,000 meals have been distributed to 328 adults and 91 children through 126 agency-identified clients. Our joint clients come to the Foodbank via 24 statutory or voluntary agencies within the town or area.

Thank you so much for your support, it has made a large positive difference to the 400+ people many of whom have expressed their gratitude either at the time or some time later. A major contribution to the success has been the marvellous response made by our Primary and Infant schools. Since last Autumn’s Harvest Festival the schools have brought 3.3 tonne of food which has formed the backbone of giving through the Winter. Now we have to concentrate on a stock replenishment programme for this Lent period and into the Spring and Summer months.

Bracknell Foodbank is run by volunteers so if any of you would like to help out either on the days we are open at the Kerith Centre (Mondays and Thursdays between 11am and 2pm) or at our new store in Hanworth (made available through the good auspices of Bracknell Forest Homes) then please let us know.

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