Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti Update

You might be interested to know that the offering for Haiti is now just over £6,200 with Gift Aid and a contribution from the Mission Tithe still to be added. That's a magnificent total - thanks so much to everyone who gave.

I also just got this update from Lindsey Reece-Smith in Haiti. Let's keep praying for her, as well as the people of Haiti and all the other relief workers out there.

The compound that we are camped on belongs to a church and we attended the church on Sunday. Although the pastor is American, and it is in the only English speaking church in Port au Prince, the vast majority of the congregation are Haitian. There were a few Americans, Canadians, Dutch and us from the UK.

The pastor relayed the story of when the earthquake had struck at 4.53pm on 12th Jan. The church and building had not been damaged, and an initial assessment of the library showed that not one book had fallen from the shelves. They were looking for medical supplies and the pastor turned back to have one last look in the library, he discovered that one book had fallen, face down. It was a copy of the bible and he picked it up to look at the passage. It was Jeremiah 19, the pastor spoke on the passage verses 3-4.

It was a very moving service where the pastor spoke of needing a second quake, to shake people’s souls and for faith to pour in and change the country.

Two young women also gave a testimony that at the time of the quake both were in separate parts of the town, they looked out over the city, from a roof top and a second floor window and sang the song City of God and then the quake happened. The congregation reflected on the power of God and the need to not return to 11/1/10 but to have a new beginning and to make changes for God.

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Thank you for posting the updates from Haiti