Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Praying for Lindsey

Lindsey Reece-Smith has now been out in Haiti for just over two weeks. I spoke to her on Sunday night and asked her what we could be praying for. She mentioned the following:

Pray for safety for all the team. There have been riots, especially around some of the food distribution points, so let's ask God to keep the team safe as well as restoring law and order in Haiti.

Pray for the pastors, especially as they try to unpack the theology of why God has allowed this to happen and how people should respond. Pray for them also as they deal with their own emotions and loss at the same time as shepherding their people.

Pray for the Tearfund team working in a rural area called Leogane, that they would really be able to make a difference to the lives of people there.

Pray for improved communications. Currently the only internet access is via a satellite phone which is incredibly slow - no facebook!

Finally let's pray for Lindsey that she would be able to make a real difference in terms of pulling together all the different agencies she's working with. She's out there for another six weeks, let's pray she stays strong and she is able to cope with all the devastation she is experiencing whilst bringing a message of hope.

Finally those of you who are marmite lovers will be pleased to know we've arranged for a big jar of marmite to go out to Lindsey!


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irene m said...

yah for marmite...

praying as I read this about Lindsey