Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reveal Survey Reminder

Just a quick reminder if you're part of the Kerith community to please do the Reveal survey if haven't already yet done it. As of last Friday 118 people had completed it, which is great, but in order to get an accurate picture of how effective we are as a community at moving people closer to Christ we need at least double that number of people to complete it. You can get to the survey by clicking here.

I'm also aware that people who have tried to leave comments at the end of the survey have had problems when they tried to submit them. The comments don't form a direct part of the survey so the failure won't affect the results, but it is annoying and something we'll try and get fixed as soon as possible.

So please get online as soon as possible (the deadline is next Tuesday), and if you know someone who can't get online invite them round your home, cook them a meal and get them to do the survey with you!