Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adrian Holloway - More Info

The planning team met on Tuesday to think through Sunday's visit by Adrian Holloway. There was a very strong feeling that we should have the 5-11 year old children (Konstruction Krew) in for the first part of the adult meetings, during which Adrian is going to be praying for healing. We want to both build their faith for healing and have an expectation that God will heal some of them.

All of this will be made clear on the morning, but for parents who get the blog I wanted to give you advance notice. These are the details from Yvonne Scott on exactly what will be happening:

"Parents need to register their children in the K2 hall as usual, and then bring them over to The Kerith Centre – The Konstruction Krew team will be in K2 before the meeting to greet and explain all this to parents
Children will stay in the meeting for the first 20+minutes and be brought over to K2 by their parents, or appointed adult if their parent is being prayed for – we will check them in on the registers again. Some children may still be receiving prayer, in which case they can be brought over either when they finish being prayed for, or when the youth leave the adult meeting.
We will give each parent an information slip of paper when they register so that they are aware of the changes – we will be encouraging  parents to encourage their children to receive prayer – and it may well be that parents stand with their children or indeed whole families stand together to receive prayer."

This is one of the things we'll be praying for at this weeks prayer meetings. Jesus was passionate about children, and often his healings involved children. Let's be praying for a powerful breakthrough for this and every other age group on Sunday.


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