Monday, April 26, 2010

Albania Bound

Later on today I'm off to Albania for a week with Andy Jackson and Ken & Ann Bothamley. We're going out to visit five of the six churches we support in Albania, to encourage leaders and to learn from all that they are doing. There is some amazing stuff going on over there! We've already met quite a few of the leaders when they've been over for Willow events so it will be great to reconnect with them as well as making new friends. Please pray for us all that this will be an incredibly fruitful trip.

We're also taking out some guitars so that they can start to implement the Worship Academy material which Dave Betts has been developing and which is now going to be translated into Albanian (how cool is that). Andy and I come back after a week, but Ken and Ann will be staying out there to be joined by Lee Layton-Matthews who is going to be looking at plans for the Youth Conference which some of our young people will be going out to support at the end of July - all very exciting.

Also very exciting was the weekend we've just had. Not only did we see numbers of healings and salvations in all three adult meetings, but Yvonne Scott also saw salvation and healing amongst the children as they went back over to K2. We'll have to collate the figures this week, but at a rough count I think we saw at least 30 first time commitments over the three meetings - quite remarkable.

Adrian Holloway will be back with us on the 19th December when he'll be preaching at all three of our carol services - I'm growing in faith for us to break 2,000 across those three meetings and for us to see God break in spectacularly.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog this week, but I will be tweeting (follow me on @simonbenham) and updating my facebook status (feel free to invite me to be your friend) so follow me on one of those if you want to.

Have a great week,


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Just awesome.. seeing God move in Bracknell is just amazing.