Friday, April 30, 2010

Bowled Over

Just a reminder that on Monday 10th May we've got our Bowled Over event at the Hollywood Bowl in Bracknell. It's all free - there will be a drink, food and ten pin bowling for everyone. If you vounteer in Kerith in any capacity then please book your place by either sending an email, phoning reception on 01344 862699 or giving your name, phone number and email address in at reception .

We realise that there are lots of under 16's who serve and for them we're going to leave it up to parents to decide whether they can come or not. If because of bed times you'd like them to just come for part of the evening then that's fine - we'd love just to have them there too.

Whilst I'm here in Albania I've been reading Bill Hybels book "The Volunteer Revolution" which we'll be doing a series on starting on 9th May. It's reminded me again of the incredible importance of all the volunteering which goes on in Kerith, and on the 10th May we want to celebrate the work of all of you wonderful people who make Kerith happen.

Simon (from an incredibly hot Albanian internet cafe)

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irene m said...

Blast...been serving for 25 years and the one time I am not currently part of any serving team is the Bowling night..oh well..Chris will just have to go on his own then!! Tee Hee