Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Christmas 2010

I know we've only just got through Easter, but wanted to give you an early indication of our plans for Christmas 2010, as well as to get any comments you may have.

The big change is that we're not planning to do the schools Kerith Relief evenings this year. We felt that these have run their course and that we should look for a different way to build on the fantastic relationship we have with the schools. Instead we're looking at doing a Serenje focussed series of events some time early in 2011. This will hopefully combine both primary and secondary schools, and will include going into schools to take lessons and assemblies as well as hopefully doing some big performance based events at The Kerith Centre. The next step is to pull a team together to think this through and come up with some more detailed ideas, but I have real confidence that we can do something great here.

On Sunday 19th December we'll be doing a traditional carol concert at all three meetings, complete with a choir for all the carols. We really want to build on the success of the event we did last year and are hoping to get an outside evangelist to speak at this event. If we do another 'alternative' Christmas event that will take place on the evening of the 12th December, but that's still to be decided. I'd like to aim on the 19th to break the 2,000 barrier for the first time ever on a Sunday - how cool would that be!

On Christmas Eve we're going to work hard on doing a genuine family service which will engage all ages at the same time as fully declaring the gospel. Then Christmas day will be in the same style as it has been for the last few years (unless we have any major new inspiration).

We won't meet on Sunday 26th December so will start back on January 2nd.

There will also be a watch night meeting in K2 on New Years Eve with a combination of prayer and welcoming in the New Year. 

I hope that's helpful. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this, and even now begin to think how you could use these events to reach the people in your world.



irene m said...

You have headed this as Christmas 2011...are we jumping straight into next year with no Santa this year at all???

Geri said...

What about a traditional nativity play, complete with kids and 'Away in the Manger'? I'm sure it can be done without the tea towels, and grown ups can be on hand to keep it from being a complete shambles. I used to love doing that as a child, and I really missed not seeing my own children do something similar. Don't know if we just have too many kids to even contemplate it, but it would be great to involve our own kids in some way this year.

Anonymous said...

That all sounds good Simon, good to break away from what can become routine. I am so pleased we are going to be doing more of a 'family' service this Christmas Eve. Always good to find a way to appeal to everyone :-) Suzanne