Friday, April 9, 2010

Election Hustings - Tuesday 27th April

A number of Bracknell churches (including us) are going to be hosting an election hustings with the candidates for the Bracknell seat from the three main political parties at Easthampstead Baptist Church starting at 7.45pm on Tuesday 27th April. Chris Porter who leads Easthampstead will be chairing the meeting.

Nearer the date we'll give out an email address where people can send in questions. On the night each candidate will get four minutes to speak, and then the most popular questions will be put to each of them in turn. The aim is for it to all be over by 9.30pm.

Chris, Andy Bagwell (from the Warfield churches) and I have been talking about putting on this event for a while, as we felt it would be good to hear from the candidates on some of the questions which are of interest to us. Please can I encourage you to put the date in your diaries and plan to be there on the 27th as we all seek to take part in our local democracy.

The Bracknell News have separately asked us whether we would consider hosting a hustings at The Kerith Centre which would be for everyone in the town. They would chair this event, put together the questions and issue invites. We've said yes in principle, although haven't yet heard whether or not this is definitely going ahead or if it does go ahead what date it will be on - I'll keep you posted!

Hope that all makes sense,


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