Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haiti Update

You may remember earlier this year that we had an appeal for Haiti, and raised just over £7,500 which we gave to Tearfund. With so much going on every Sunday it's often hard to work out how we feed back how projects like this are going, so I thought you might be interested to see this video from Tearfund on some of what has been happening. Thank you to everyone who gave - it has made a difference.

I'm also hoping soon to feed back more about our project in Serenje. There are some amazing things happening there, I heard last week that there are 880 children now back in education because of our involvement, which is so exciting. Watch this space for more updates.



billie anderson said...

It is exciting, hope that your church realises the difference they are making.

When do you lot want to go canoeing again? Or at least meet up?
Bill x

Simon Benham said...

Hi Bill,
Great to hear from you. Canoeing would be great - the kids still talk about last time we went!
Would you all fancy coming over some time soon? There's a lot to catch up on.