Friday, April 16, 2010


I got a phone call last night to let me know that Sola's flight back from Nigeria (where he's been all week) had been cancelled as a result of all the volcano dust in the air, so he wasn't going to be back in time to preach on Sunday. I've heard lots of different reasons for people missing meetings but it's the first time I can remember a volcano intervening! In fact as we went through the list of people serving on Sunday there were quite a few others stuck in various overseas locations. Let's be praying for all those people impacted by the cancelled flights (even those people from church stuck in Paris and Miami - sometimes these things can be a blessing!) and for their families (who might not be so excited by the Paris / Miami thing).

The result of all that is I'm now preaching on Sunday - which I'm really looking forward to. There are people being baptised in all three meetings, the 5-11's will be in for the start of the 11am as three children are being baptised, and there are some incredible stories of how God has changed lives. Please be praying for everyone involved that they'll know God's presence so powerfully, and that visitors will be challenged and respond to the life changing message of Jesus. And be thinking about who you can invite to come and experience what will be an amazing series of meetings.

Also this weekend is that restart of Life, Konnections respite, an EXP young adults event, then Ken & Ann Bothamley & Lee and Dave Betts off to Albania on Monday (dust permitting) and prayer meetings and the start of Captivating and Freedom in Christ during the week - see the Kerith website for more details on all that. Never a dull moment.

Hope to catch you over the weekend.


ps - a prize for anyone who can pronounce the name of the volcano -Eyjafjallajokull - names like Vesuvius, Etna and Krakatoa are so much more proper names for volcanoes!

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