Thursday, April 8, 2010

Which Christmas?!

OK, thanks to everyone who pointed out that I was out by a year on my last blog, which should have been (and now is) titled "Christmas 2010" and not 2011! That's what you get for writing blog entries in a hurry before having a break for Easter. I also had a couple of people worried that I hadn't followed through with my promise not to do anything electronic until the Thursday after Easter - the blog was in fact written before Easter but scheduled to be posted after Easter. So hopefully that clears all that up!

We had a great Easter break as a family. After the busyness of The Vigil (which was fantastic) and Easter Sunday (where we saw God do some great things) I had a really good three days off with email on my iPhone disabled! Long family walks with the dog, watching films I've been trying to find time to watch for ages, lunch with Catrina in Windsor and much more - I'm feeling so refreshed.

Actually I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks. A whole range of different people preaching, baptisms and then Adrian Holloway for the next three Sundays, then a trip to Albania to see all that is going on out there, followed by the half marathon (!) - should be fun.

I hope you've had a great Easter too.


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Unknown said...

Some feedback for you.

Last night in Lifegroup three people said that your 'Verdict' preach on Easter Sunday was your best yet.

Thank you for following up on 'The Vigil' with such a convincing 'Verdict'.

Great stuff is happening in KCC !