Thursday, May 13, 2010

21st Century Stained Glass Windows

I read somebody recently saying that video is the stained glass window of the 21st Century. It's certainly a medium which we can use to spread the message of Jesus Christ and what His church is up to.

Every now and again I get asked to speak on video and thought you might be interested to see a couple of them, not because they feature me (I so hate hearing my voice - do I really sound like that!), but because they talk about the impact we are all having as a church community. The first is me chatting with John Burke when he came over recently, the second is something I did for CAP talking about the impact our CAP Centre has had.

If we're going to connect with our 21st century society then we increasingly need to use video to communicate the message of the gospel. On Sunday as part of my message on the volunteer revolution we'll be showing two videos. One is very funny and was produced outside of Kerith, the other was done in house and moved me to tears the first time I saw it - don't miss them!


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