Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If My People Pray

We're seeing God do some remarkable things amongst us at the moment, whether you look at Sundays, the youth, our work in the community, Serenje, the Balkans or any of a number of other key areas. Prayer is key to all of that, and to us seeing things move things to even another level, so I want to really encourage you to come out on Wednesday and Thursday nights this week when we meet to pray from 8-9.30 in K2.

On Wednesday night we're going to be be praying for the elders as they prepare the church strategy for 2011. On Wednesday and Thursday next week the elders will be meeting during the day with the head of every church ministry to get a report on how things are going and to hear people's plans and dreams for the future. Then on Friday and Saturday we're going away to pray about what we've heard and see where we sense God wants us to focus our resources and efforts in 2011 and beyond. I really want God to be all over that process, so would love you to come and help us pray into that.

Then on Thursday night Jon Hulme and Maria Reardon are going to lead us as we pray. Jon and Maria both have a great heart and passion for praying - I'm expecting God to say some fresh things to us and take us in some new directions as they lead us.

On both nights we'll also have worship and communion, so please come and join us as we seek God's face and spend time with him.


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