Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Top Gear Church

Those of you who have good memories, and have studied the current Link magazine in detail, will know that on Father's Day this year (which is the weekend coming up - 20th June) we had plans to do church in the style of Top Gear. We had loads of ideas for "A Pa in a Reasonably Priced Car" and other Top Gear related fun, as well as a serious message on "Living Life in Top Gear", but a couple of weeks ago as we looked at all the other things going on in church life, including the Real Conference, we realised that we didn't have the creative resources to pull off Top Gear Church in the way we wanted to. So rather than doing something half baked we've put it off - hopefully next year we'll manage to do it.

That means that this Sunday will be more of a 'normal' Sunday, although given the last few weeks I'm not sure what a normal Sunday looks like any more!

Have a great week 'doing good' and hope to catch you next Sunday.


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