Monday, June 7, 2010

Rachel Hickson

What a fantastic Sunday with Rachel Hickson. She served us so well in all that she said and did, and I know that many people met powerfully with God through her ministry. For me it was a first to be in the middle of introducing the speaker and sense God prompting me to speak prophetically over some people. As always the best response is to follow the prompting - I'm not sure the people in question will ever forget what Rachel subsequently spoke over them - very powerful.

We are so privileged by the people God brings across our path. I often have the added privilege of spending time with them over a coffee or a meal after the meeting. As well as being a powerful speaker Rachel, and her husband Gordon, are the most charming, pleasant and encouraging people you could ever hope to be around, and were so positive about Kerith and "the sound coming from our house". We will definitely be inviting her back!

Tuesday night is the All Leaders Meeting where I'll be talking about my recent trip to Singapore, updating people on progress in a number of areas of church life and talking about some of the direction we sense God has for us in the next few years. If you're a Kerith leader (or aspiring leader) then please come along - 7.45pm in K2.

Have a very content week!


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