Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UHT Milk Sunday

Not a blog title I ever imagined writing when I started blogging!

Our foodbank has quite a bit of food in the store at the moment, but is really short of UHT milk, of all things. So here's the request. When you go shopping this week please put a container or two (or three or four) of UHT milk in your basket or trolley, then bring it in on Sunday and put it on the Cath Kidston style table which will be on the right as you come into reception (you'll know it when you see it!).

Part of our mandate from Jesus is to feed the hungry - this is a really simple way to be a part of that. Thank you.



Unknown said...

And maybe a few cartons of long life soya milk - from someone who has a dairy allergy in the family

Craig Mackay said...

Cath Kidston style table ?? You're so funny - now this I have simply got to see ;-)

Simon Benham said...

See my latest blog Craig!

And yes I'm sure soya milk would be welcome too.