Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cath Kidston

Several people have commented on my reference to Cath Kidston in my previous blog, and even cast aspersions on whether there really was going to be a Cath Kidston style table in reception.

Well here is photographic evidence to silence all the doubters! I just want to be very clear that I have no personal interest in Cath Kidston products, and am only aware of what it all means through having spent much time in the Cath Kidston shop in Windsor with my beautiful wife Catrina (who would like to turn our house into a shrine to all materials spotty, stripy and flowery!). Jo Jones is the creative genius behind the table.

This is all part of the set up for the Real Women's Conference on Friday night and Saturday. The stage set and the rest of the building looks great too (if not a little pink for my liking) and the buzz in the building is growing. Lots of people are still booking in still so don't miss out - you can just turn up on Friday evening or Saturday morning if you decide to come at the last minute.


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