Friday, August 27, 2010

Ed Garton

I got the very sad news last night (Thursday night) that Ed Garton had passed away. He died of an undiagnosed hereditary heart condition which caused him to have a heart attack.

I'm still feeling shocked by the news of Ed's death. He was one of the characters around Kerith, with an incredible servant heart. Whether it was performing in The Vigil at Easter, doing building administration, welcoming or car parking on a Sunday or just being a part of our community he always lived life with his heart on his sleeve and with an incredible passion for Christ. He had a powerful personal story of how God saved him from a life of alcohol, and was always grateful for what Christ had done for him. In many ways he was a rough diamond, but one who shone brightly for Jesus.

I went to see Ed's family this afternoon. They too are shocked and grieving at the loss of Ed, especially as Ed's mum Brenda only passed away a couple of weeks ago. However, they also reflected on what God had done in recent months in the relationship between Brenda and Ed. Few of us could forget Brenda being baptised at The Kerith Centre a couple of months ago, despite her advanced cancer, and the family spoke with pride about how Ed personally planned, spoke at and sang at her funeral service. Please be praying for Ed's dad, Daniel, and his sisters and the rest of the family as they come to terms with their loss. Also for the many people in our community who counted Ed as a friend.

The family said that in many ways Kerith had become Ed's family. They would very much like him to have a 'Kerith style' committal service and thanksgiving in Bracknell, which we will now start to plan. We will let everyone know the details as soon as we've got times and dates, hopefully early next week.

Let's remember that Ed has gone to a (much, much) better place - death has indeed lost it's sting. Hope to catch you on Sunday.



Alli Inwards said...

Thank you Simon for what you've shared here about Ed - he was a rough diamond through who Jesus brightly shone. So grateful that he is in heaven with Jesus and we will see him again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Thank you for being as honest as you were about ed yesterday I totally do believe he is now in a better place. I didn't know much about him but what I did soon realise is that he would do almost anything for anyone as he had a real heart for god he will be truely missed by everybody who knew him and that had the pleasure of being a friend.

regards karmenie

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ed might have been a rough diamond but a diamond geezer he was.
Great friend to me and I shall miss him badly. He was a bloke who I could share anything with and I mean anything and he with me. There was an openness about him which was very special. The last time I spoke to Ed was on the Monday before he died and he phoned me to see if I was ok, that's all, 'was I ok' He cared about others and was a great encourager. We shared a friendship which was very special. The comfort I have is expressed in a saying, 'if I don't see you again, I will see you there' Ed my friend I will see you there. Terry (Dapper)
Thank God that we are all rough diamonds which God can polish up.

Anonymous said...

Simon, I can remember when Ed started coming to the church and hearing about what GOD had done and was doing in his life; it was just amazing. I had even heard he had been a 'punk rocker'! (don't know if this is true). My enduring memory of Ed will be seeing him 'rock' when we were playing the song 'history maker' This was the time when we were playing more raucous music and really starting to 'rock' the worship ) I can remember thinking wow this is quite daring for a Sunday and then part way through I saw Ed standing up, eyes closed, just rocking along with us. 'Well its true today, that when people stand, with the fire of GOD and the truth in hand, well see miracles, we'll see angles sing, well see broken hearts making history, yes its true and I believe it I'm living for you' We will miss you Ed