Saturday, August 7, 2010

Willow All Over

The Global Leadership Summit has finished, and we're sat having coffee doing a debrief. I did write a review of day one but it got swallowed up somewhere between sending it from my iPhone and it getting to the blog - very frustrating!

It's been a superb conference, and a real privilege to be here. As always there have been a huge variety of speakers - church leaders, business leaders and social commentators, each one bringing their unique take on how we can get better as leaders. Highlights for me were Christine Caine for her raw passion, Daniel Pink for helping to articulate much of what I instinctively do as a leader and a guy called Jeff Manion who you'll have never heard of but who preached an incredible message called 'the land between'. You can see some highlights of the conference here.

I can't wait for you all to have the opportunity to see the speakers we've just seen in October. Please be there if you possibly can, either as a volunteer, or by getting in at the special rate of £30 if you're part of the Kerith community - just register at reception.

Saulius and Sanna from Lithuania, and Edward and Fridah from Kenya have had a fantastic time too. Saulius will be hosting the first Lithuanian GLS in October which is very exciting.

We fly back tomorrow - can't wait to be back in England and see the children again (I hear they've had a fabulous time at Rocknations). We're then off for two weeks holiday, all ready to kick off again in September.


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Jacqui W-G said...

Hi Simon. Sounds like you all had "mountain top" experiences. Hopefully over your holiday the rhema word will start to take hold.
I have already started reading "Drive" and am finding it absolutely brilliant. Love the way that Daniel Pink has traced the success of Wiki and open source software and the rise and rise of the not for profit and now new forms of social enterprises. Definitely developing on from last year's business themes but with more wisdom in terms of how God calls us and equips us and that is always more than enough!
There is nothing more thrilling than being in the flow of what God has called us to. Keep sharing your thoughts and reflections.....but maybe take an IT fast for a few days? Jacqui