Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coffee and Car Parks

Those of you in the morning meetings last Sunday would have heard us make three appeals for volunteers.

The first was for 8 new car parkers so that we could switch from using the AVIS car park to parking in the college on a Sunday. The second was for 8 new drinks servers so that we could serve tea and coffee before the start of the 9am meeting. The final one was for some more hosts for the international delegates coming to the Willow GLS.

Well, wonderful people, I want to let you know that enough volunteers stepped up for all three. We will be able to use the college car park from Sunday 3rd October (Sue wanted to have enough time to prepare all the teams to make sure we do it well so we'll be still be in Avis this Sunday), we will be serving drinks before the 9am and none of the overseas Willow delegates are going to have to sleep on the streets!

Thank you so much, not only to the new volunteers, but to everyone who faithfully serves week in week out both on a Sunday and midweek. Jesus said that He didn't come to be served but to serve, part of our call is to have the same attitude. You are very much appreciated.


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