Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Foodbank Birthday

Today our Foodbank is one year old. It only seems a few weeks ago that we held the launch event. In that first year we've helped over 800 adults, 300 children, served over 10,000 meals and given away over 8 tonnes of food (for those like me who struggle to know what that looks like in real terms it's the equivalent of around 22,500 cans of beans).

It really has been a community effort. Food, money and volunteer time has been donated by schools, churches, charities, companies and individuals. Clients have come to us from 34 voluntary and statutory bodies, and the store where we keep all the food has been provided for free by Bracknell Forest Homes.

This lunchtime we had a 'birthday lunch' for the Foodbank in K2. This was hosted by Pat Hallett who heads it all up, her husband Geoff who is the logistics manager and Catriona Mitchell who was the driving force behind us opening the Foodbank and now oversees it. Everyone involved in the Foodbank was invited, we had about 60 people there including the borough mayor. At the lunch we heard about what has been achieved, but also about the expansion which we are planning in the coming year to cope with the expected increase in need for the Foodbank. It was great to get to talk to so many different people about the ways we are involved in the community, and made me very proud of our people and what God does through us.


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