Monday, September 13, 2010

GLS Overseas Visitors - Help Needed

At the latest count we're going to have 23 international visitors at the Willow Creek GLS we're hosting on the 1st and 2nd October. They're coming from Albania, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and the USA. One of them will be staying at the Grange, but we'd love to be able to host them rest of them with people from our community.

They'll be arriving on Wednesday 29th or Thursday 30th September and going home on either Sunday 3rd or Monday 4th October. They'll need a bed, breakfast every day, transport to and from The Kerith Centre on the Friday and Saturday and possibly one or two other meals. There will be 3 couples, 10 men and 6 women.

If you could have someone to stay with you that would be fantastic. If you can help please could you send an email to reception so that they can start to allocate guests to homes. It's such a privilege to have these people with us, and such an opportunity for us to touch other nations, so please get involved if you can.


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