Monday, September 20, 2010

The Peach and the Coconut - Chapter Three

The link to this weeks chapter is here, and you can listen to the preach here. As I said on Sunday I've called this chapter three as we've preached it third in the series, although it's quite possible that when we get to actually produce the book it will appear as a later chapter. I'm hoping this week that lifegroups will take the time to review this chapter - I've really appreciated all the feedback I've had so far.

I'm looking for stories which will illustrate each chapter. I've already got some good ones, but would love to get some to illustrate this chapter in particular. They can be used anonymously if need be, so if you have a story please can you email it here, along with all those comments on this weeks chapter.

Hope you have a great week,



Ron Bailey said...

Hi Simon, (I'm Jo Jones' dad)
I had just posted a blog before I read Chapter 3. I thought it might interest you...

Ron Bailey

Sian Oliver Photography said...

Simon I loved loved loved the sermon last night and the chapter definatly reflects that! :)