Thursday, September 9, 2010

Worship News

Thought I'd update you on a couple of exciting things happening in the world of worship.

First of all at the prayer meetings next week (Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th, 8pm in K2) we're going to turn the whole evening over to worship, and seeing what flows out of that. I know a number of people have been asking whether we could have an opportunity for less structured worship than we have on Sundays - hopefully these will hit the spot for you. Each evening we'll worship, pray, have communion and just enjoy resting and dwelling in God's presence. If you're one of those people who has worship as your spiritual pathway you might even want to come both evenings.

Secondly ever since I've been in the church we've had one big pool of musicians and singers from which the team on a Sunday are pulled together. Well that's all changing with the formation of three separate bands, each of which will play one week in four. The hope is that this will create a tighter bond between the people in each band (the big group of singers and musicians has really got too big for those sorts of relationships to flourish), reduce the strain on individual band members (they'll now only be serving one week in four, although with the three meetings that's still a big commitment), let them focus more on preparing for a specific Sunday (which will give them more time to tailor what they're doing to the preach that Sunday and do performance items) and generally gear us up for future growth.

The astute amongst you will have noticed that we've got three bands and a four week rota. Fear not! The plan is on the fourth week in the morning meetings to do a cut down 'acoustic' set. People seemed to really appreciate it when we did an acoustic set (out of necessity) when it snowed after Christmas so we thought we'd make it a regular feature and see where it takes us. Then in the evening of the fourth week our up and coming youth band, Revolution, will get to lead - not to be missed. Quieter in the morning - not quite so quiet in the evening! The way the rota work the first acoustic / Revolution Sunday will be on Sunday 19th September.

We're so well served by our musicians and singers, as well as the technical teams on sound, computers and lighting who support them. Please be praying for them with all these changes, which will inevitably cause some pain, and let what they do help you to worship God in spirit and in truth - that will encourage them more than anything else.


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