Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magazine Front Cover

We've already started work on issue four of our LinK magazine, and would love to release all you creative types out there to design the front cover. The theme of the magazine is going to be growth and momentum, but don't let that limit you if you've got some other great idea!

It could be a painting, a photograph, a montage, a mosaic, generated on an iPad or anything else which will produce a stunning front cover.

The deadline is Monday November 15th and you need to email your artwork to beccy.oliver@kerith.co.UK or leave it for Beccy Oliver at Reception. You can also email Beccy with any questions. We will then have a panel of judges to choose the winning design.

There are some technical details below (I have no idea what most of them mean!), but most importantly go for it and let those creative juices flow!


For Photoshop:
Page size is 260mm x190mm but we need 3mm bleed all round so file size must be 266mm high x 196mm wide @300 pixels per inch, 8 bit.

Final image should be CMYK and saved as an EPS, TIF or high quality JPG.

If the artwork is being produced traditionally then we can scan it - but no bigger than A3 please.

All designs should be considerate to the positioning of the link branding top right and the kerith branding bottom left.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Peach and Coconut - Money Part 1

On Sunday we looked at the radical things Jesus had to say about money. The link to the corresponding chapter of "The Peach and the Coconut" is here. As always please either email in your thoughts, or add them as comments to the blog or Facebook.

I'm up in Lincoln on Monday and Tuesday this week, meeting with a group of church leaders, and then have the rest of the week off. It's been pretty full on the last few weeks with Willow, Zambia and life in general so I'm really looking forward to having a bit of a break.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deeply Frustrating

Huge apologies to everyone who came out to the All Leaders Meeting last night. For some reason both our car parks and the road outside The Kerith Centre were full of cars from people at the college, leaving no space for any of our people. Rather than have parking chaos I made the call to cancel the meeting.

I'm so sorry to everyone who came out. I wanted to share a load of vision around growth and expansion, plus we had some really nice cheese and wine for everyone! I don't take lightly all the hours our volunteers put in, and it leaves me deeply frustrated when things like this happen.

We are going to look at building a barrier across The Kerith Centre car park entrance to prevent this happening again. We will also be talking to the college about how they can encourage their students to park elsewhere.

Sorry again. Hope to catch you all at the weekend.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looking Forward to Sunday

It's our last full day in Serenje. It's been an amazing trip - the project out here is going so well, and making a genuine difference in the lives of hundreds of people.

In year three of the project we want to increase the number of orphans and vulnerable children being supported to go to school from 880 to 1,700, and the number of family farmers being given seed and training in farming go from 700 to over 1,000. In order to do that we need to raise £100,000 to fund year three. We will be having gift days for this over the next two Sundays (17th & 24th October).

Please can I ask you to pray about what you are going to give, either as a one off gift or via standing order over the next 12 months. Catrina and I will be doing both, perhaps you can do the same.

We heard yesterday about children dropping out of school because they can't afford to take their year 9 exams, which cost £5. Whether you can give £5 or £5,000 it can contribute to transforming the lives of people in this community.

I so appreciate everyone who gives, and can't wait to see you all again on Sunday.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Peach and Coconut - Conflict Resolution For Editing

I'm writing this on Thursday from a wireless hotspot in Lusaka before travelling up to Serenje, ready for it to be published on Monday. I'm sure Lee did a great job of preaching on conflict resolution on Sunday, here is the chapter that goes with it for you all to comment on. I'm still working on it so it might not be quite finished (depends how much internet connection I can get between now and Monday), but there's enough there for you to get your teeth into and comment on, either on the blog or Facebook or at this email address.

Have fun reading it, put it into practice where necessary and let me know if you have any personal stories which illustrate this chapter.

Missing you all already!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peach and Coconut - Conflict Resolution

This Sunday Lee is preaching on the next chapter of "The Peach and the Coconut", all about Godly conflict resolution. This is particularly important in the light of the question many people have been asking me as to what to do when you find some "coconut" behaviour in the church which needs to be challenged. We need to learn how to do that in a Godly way, as well as learning how to resolve personal relationship issues when they inevitably arise. Fortunately the Bible is very clear on the steps we need to take, and Lee will be taking time to outline these.

One of my favourite "tweeters" is Rick Warren. Every day he puts out five or six pieces of short, Biblical wisdom which I often find really helpful. One I read recently spoke straight into what we shouldn't do when trying to resolve conflict. Rick wrote this :

"When offended by others tell God, not gossipers. Take it to the Throne, not the phone! God reduces hurt. Gossip reinforces it."

That's a great place to start when resolving conflict.

Simon (writing this before setting off to Zambia).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zambia Bound

This evening (Wednesday) a team of us set off for Serenje, a rural community in Zambia where we support an HIV/AIDS project. We are out there for ten days, getting back on the evening of Saturday 16th October. Please pray for us as we meet the pastors, Ian who is the new project manager and the rest of the community out there. Sola Osinoiki, Colin Boyle, Alan Lander and I will be running a three day pastor's conference; Catrina and Val Cottee will be running a women's conference. Rob Plant will be filming it all and producing videos to show when we get back. We will also be visiting schools and the various communities out there, as well as seeing what is happening with the girls dormitory and the hospital. I may be able to do limited blogging out there, but will definitely be doing lots of tweets and facebook updates.

On the 17th and 24th October we will be having gift days for Serenje. These will be to fund year three of the project. We want to raise £100,000 which will enable even more children to make it back into education, provide more families with seed so that they can grown their own food and train more volunteers to care for those living with HIV/AIDS. Please be praying about what you give.