Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deeply Frustrating

Huge apologies to everyone who came out to the All Leaders Meeting last night. For some reason both our car parks and the road outside The Kerith Centre were full of cars from people at the college, leaving no space for any of our people. Rather than have parking chaos I made the call to cancel the meeting.

I'm so sorry to everyone who came out. I wanted to share a load of vision around growth and expansion, plus we had some really nice cheese and wine for everyone! I don't take lightly all the hours our volunteers put in, and it leaves me deeply frustrated when things like this happen.

We are going to look at building a barrier across The Kerith Centre car park entrance to prevent this happening again. We will also be talking to the college about how they can encourage their students to park elsewhere.

Sorry again. Hope to catch you all at the weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Sad to hear your Leaders Meeting had to be canceled.
Someone wondered if the leaders should have parked in Car Park 2. The leaders often expect the congregation to park there when the Kerith Centre car park is busy.