Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peach and Coconut - Conflict Resolution

This Sunday Lee is preaching on the next chapter of "The Peach and the Coconut", all about Godly conflict resolution. This is particularly important in the light of the question many people have been asking me as to what to do when you find some "coconut" behaviour in the church which needs to be challenged. We need to learn how to do that in a Godly way, as well as learning how to resolve personal relationship issues when they inevitably arise. Fortunately the Bible is very clear on the steps we need to take, and Lee will be taking time to outline these.

One of my favourite "tweeters" is Rick Warren. Every day he puts out five or six pieces of short, Biblical wisdom which I often find really helpful. One I read recently spoke straight into what we shouldn't do when trying to resolve conflict. Rick wrote this :

"When offended by others tell God, not gossipers. Take it to the Throne, not the phone! God reduces hurt. Gossip reinforces it."

That's a great place to start when resolving conflict.

Simon (writing this before setting off to Zambia).

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